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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Summary - Islamic unit trust (mutual funds) investment

Type of investment: Islamic unit trust funds (more than 20 Islamic funds)

Unit trusts marketed by : CWA (CIMB Wealth Advisors)

Asset management company: CIMB-Principal Asset Management

Syariah consultant: CIMB Islamic Syariah Advisory Committee

Estimated average returns (capital gain + dividend): 15-20% p.a … based on past years performance (insyaAllah)

Methods of investment:
i) CASH investment
ii) Monthly or regular investment
iii) Withdrawal from EPF (KWSP) - account 1

Minimum investment: RM500 (It's advisable to invest in at least 3 funds: therefore the recommended minimum amount is: RM500 x 3 = RM1,500)

Maximum: (n/a)

Withdrawal/Redemption: at any time (5 days notice)

Who can invest?
i) Individuals or corporations
ii) Residents or non-residents of Malaysia

CWA is a top unit trusts marketing company, a marketing arm to CIMB Principal Asset Management which is a subsidiary of CIMB Group...the second most valuable listed company in Malaysia (market capitalization of more than RM80 billion).

For further info please contact your professional Islamic investment and financial consultant based in Kuala Lumpur or fill up the info request form below.

or contact your professional investment and financial consultant:
Mr. Ahmad Sanusi at 6-0192348786/Mdm. Rozanna at 6-0193849330 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

For information on unit amanah Islam/Islamic unit trusts (in Bahasa Melayu), please visit:

The web site for CWA ►

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