Investment summary


Type of investment: Islamic unit trust funds (14 Islamic funds)

Asset management company: PMB Investment

Syariah consultant: Amanie Advisors

Estimated average returns (capital gain + dividend): 15-20% p.a … based on past years performance (insyaAllah)

Methods of investment:
i) CASH investment
ii) Monthly or regular investment
iii) Withdrawal from EPF (KWSP) - account 1

Recommended Minimum investment: RM500 (It's advisable to invest in at least 3 funds: therefore the recommended minimum amount is: RM500 x 3 = RM1,500)

Maximum: (n/a)

Withdrawal/Redemption: at any time (5 days notice)

Who can invest?
i) Individuals or corporations
ii) Residents or non-residents of Malaysia

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For information on unit amanah Islam/Islamic unit trusts (in Bahasa Melayu), please visit:
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